Carly’s New Book: Released Tomorrow March 27th

Carly, a girl with severe Autism, co-authored a book with her father Arthur Fleischmann.  With the help of a computer, Carly is now able to communicate her feelings to the outside world. By using a single finger, Carly has been able to reveal her witty ‘teen-age self’ and has grown to be a role-model and hero to many you now know her. After many months of waiting, the world is waiting to hear the inner thoughts and emotions of Carly. Order your book tomorrow, ASAP!

Teen with Autism tells her story in her new book (please click on link to watch)



A fisherman’s tale about life without education

 James Arruda Henry, a fisherman for most of his life, never learned to read or write. He decided he wanted to learn how to read at the age of 90. After many hours of tutoring and practice, he was encouraged to write a book about his life at the age of 96. This is an inspiring story of this man’s life.

Check out his new book “In a Fisherman’s Language” and watch the video below to hear this encouraging story.