Katy Perry sings with 11 year old Autistic Girl

Katy Perry and 11 year old Jodi DiPiazza sang a duet together on October 18th as part of an autism awareness event. Perry is one of DiPiazza’s favorite artists and had the privilege of singing “Firework” on stage with the beloved star. DiPiazza was on the piano and sang with Perry on the side. The two shared an emotional hug after the song was over.

The next day, Perry tweeted, “I will never forget last night. It was the most important moment thus far of what I do.”

Singing on stage was a huge accomplishment for DiPiazza. DiPiazza says, “At 3, I struggledwith speaking but I could sing… and I did constantly. Again, it became apparent that I had perfect pitch. I was fortunate to be admitted to the best school for autism in the entire world …. I still struggle every day with all the deficits and difficulties that autism brings. It’s a full time job. I love making music and I hope that my music makes you feel as happy as music makes me.”

Her father commented and shared “We are extremely lucky to have gotten into a program where my child was able to access exactly what she needed,” the progress DiPiazza has made is incredible.

A video of the performance is shared below. Enjoy!!

Katy Perry singing with 11 year old autistic girl, Jodi DiPiazza