Art Therapy: The Accessible Icon Project in Philadelphia

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Through my work with the Accessible Icon Project, I have come in contact with the Einstein Healthcare Network, a non-profit that has been helping the community for 150 years. Their speciality ranges from working with patients with mental health, addictions and eating disorders to patients who have been severely injured or paralyzed. A previous winner of the “Premier Award for Quality” by the Premier Healthcare Alliance highlights all the centers dedication to patient health and wellness.

Recently, MossRehab, a nationally recognized medical rehabilitation facility with in- and outpatient services, switched their parking lots to the Accessible Icon and decided to have their art therapy program patients celebrates the use of the new icon. Each patient expressed through paintings and drawings how they felt about the new icon and what it specifically meant for them.

Their work will be featured at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s annual community exhibit “Bridges: Accessible Programs Builds Partnerships” Wednesday, August 27th through Sunday, September 28, 2014. Here is a sneak peak of their artwork.

In you are in the Philly area, please be sure to check out this exhibit. Even though I reside in New Jersey, I am planning on taking the trip.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge

Recently on facebook and twitter, thousands of videos have been uploaded of people pouring ice cold water over their heads and bodies. The reason for the funny phenomena–to raise awareness of ALS. Sports players, police officers in Boston, and everyday people are being challenged and are challenging others to participate.

The Ice Bucket Challenge started with former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, who was diagnosed with disease in 2012. Wishing to raise funds and advocate for ALS, he with some friends, created the idea since patients with ALS have trouble sensing hot and cold. The challenge became viral when it was shared on social media by the charity Quinn For the Win.

The rules go like this: When someone challenges you to the Ice Bucket Challenge and you fail to step up, you must donate $100 to an ALS charity. If you decide to take the challenge, you challenge 3 people, donate $10, make a video and post online. This keeps the movement growing and allows people from all around the world to participate. I have yet been challenged, but am waiting for the facebook notification any minute now. From my little research on Facebook, I came across a page called Hope4Steve.  I encourage you to check Steve’s story out.

In addition,  please visit to learn more about ALS

#StrikeoutALS #IceBucketChallenge #QuinnForTheWin

“Everybody Has challenges. We Have Adventures” Eagle Mount

In one of my email correspondence from working with the Accessible Icon Project, I came across a person who works at Eagle Mount, a recreational center for people with cancer and disabilities. This Montana based center provides skiing, ice skating, swimming, horseback riding, golfing, and more for people of all abilities. Centered around the philosophy that “Everybody has challenges. We have Adventures”, this 19 acre campus is open to all. With program enrollments totaling more than 1,400 last year, it took more than 1,500 able- bodied volunteers, donating over 30,000 hours, to help with all the activities. They believe that recreation is more than just play time. For them, it translates into “re-creation,” bringing strength, confidence, focus, joy, and freedom into all aspects of a person’s life.

Check out their website here and look for ways you can volunteer or participate in their programs.

New York State Assembly Press Release: Accessible Icon Project

It was a surprise to the Accessible Icon team when we received a call from the New York State Senate inviting us to speak at their press release regarding the Accessible Icon legislation (A.8193/S.6846) created by Senator Carlucci and Assemblywoman Galef. New York is now the first official state to adopt the icon officially. Here are pictures from our trip visiting New York for the special event.