Mozambique: A Love for Learning (Post 3)

Children (and adults!) in Mozambique love to learn.

Africa orphans education povertyEvery day at four in the afternoon, children in the village would call for me outside the house I was staying out to teach them English. In three weeks, they learned how to count from one to ten, different body parts, and some colors. It was amazing to see the desire each of them had to learn. At times, I had up to twelve people waiting for me to learn English. Their desire was contiguous and revived my love for teaching.

What I found amazing was how the people in the community valued education. Instead of complaining about the heat, or that they did not have a desk or chair, these students came with an attitude of gratitude. After the first week, I purchased notebooks and pencils since I realized that none of the students had materials. Before I gave the notebooks, I wrote the Portuguese translation of the words I was teaching in English. To be honest, I am not sure how many of these students could even read the words I wrote in their own language, but I figured someone from the community would be able to. So from that day forth, on my little whiteboard and translation book, I taught these students the very basics of the English language. Although it was a very short time I was there, it was a transforming experience that rejuvenated my love for teaching.

New Jersey is next to adopt the Accessible Icon Project

I have been working with Assemblyman Ron Dancer to help New Jersey be the second state to legally adopt the Accessible Icon. Back in September, I emailed him with the proposed idea and he quickly responded stating the he would support this legislation in New Jersey.

Now, the bill is created and is ready to be shared among the public. Please consider asking your local Assemblyman/woman and Senator to co-sponsor the bill linked below. Your support is needed! 

Our next step is to bring this to Governor Christie!