Economy: 4th Grade Lesson Plan

In our fourth grade class, we started discussing the economy. After reading various articles found on SuperTeacher and ReadWorks, we decided to dig into the topic deeper. Here are some ideas that should be useful when introducing various parts of the economy.

1. Create a concept map with the class

4th grade, lesson plans, teacher, money

2. Watch “Money” and “Supply and Demand” BrainPOP.

**Must have an username and password for videos and activities to work** 

3. After watching the videos, BrainPOP has great follow up activities/questions.

  • BrainPOP questions about money.
  • BrainPOP cause and effect graphic organizer about supply/demand.

4. Reflection Questions:

  • What is the difference between supply and demand?
  • What determines the price of an object?
  • What is money and what is it used for?
  • List multiple ways people can pay for goods/services.
  • How can supply and demand affect the pricing of an object
  • How does a business decide how to price a good or service?

5. Economy: Business Plan Project

  • Students will be able to create their own business and apply their understanding of profit, producers, consumers, natural resources, and money.
  • Business Plan Rubric


Light it Up Blue

Today is Light it Up Blue Autism Awareness Day. In honor of April 2, we ask everyone to wear blue to show their support of individuals with autism. 

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