Minecraft Math Arrays

Many teachers aim to find real world application and connections to topics covered in school. When teaching math to my group of fourth graders, I came across this YouTube video that used Minecraft to build arrays. My students were so excited and went home to create videos of them building arrays using the computer game. This was definitely a highlight for my class.

Autism Videos: Behavior and Symptoms

I am excited to announce that I have started my masters in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Autism with Ball State University this past August. I expect to be sharing my findings throughout these next two years of course work and field experience.

Below are a list of six videos that show different variations and symptoms of autism. The videos feature individuals in different age groups showing various behaviors that are generally associated with ASD. I would like to credit Ball State University for the majority of the video recommendations shared below. I believe the selection serves as a quick overview of stereotypical behaviors found in individuals with autism at varying ages. After reviewing the DSM-5, one could observe many behaviors mentioned for a consistent consensus of a diagnosis of autism.

1. Early Signs of Autism

Behavior Observed: Hand flapping, walking/spinning in circles, repetitive behavior, ability to smile, does not always respond to name being called, does not make extended eye contact with video lens, short scream to communicate

2. Birthday Party

Behavior Observed: Repetitive movements, isolation, sensitivity to sensory

3. Autism Stimming in Car

Behavior Observed: stimming, repetitive movements, screaming, clapping, rubbing of hands

4. Severe Autism Meltdown. Mother Attempts to Restrain Autistic Daughter from Self-Injury.

Behavior Observed: screaming, hitting, grabbing, stomping, crying, pulling, spinning, singing, self-injury