Just Keep Dancing

I always love finding people who are prime examples of an accessible icon. Chelsie Hill always wanted to dance professionally and did everything she could to achieve her dream. During her senior year, she became paralyzed from the waist down from a drunk driver in a car accident. Doctors originally said she would not be able to walk, but that did not stop her from wanting to dance. Nine months later, she tried out for a wheelchair dance team and now runs her own team. Not only does she teach wheelchair dance classes, she posts online tutorials.

Watch Chelsie’s story below.

The Dancing Barista

Meet Starbuck’s newest employee: the dancing barista. If Starbucks wasn’t great enough, Sam makes the Starbucks experience even greater. Growing up, Sam was told he would never be employed because he moves as he works. Instead, his boss gave him a chance and now he is excelling as an employee.

Sam is truly one of my favorite internet stories and I love how Ellen highlighted him on her show. Please watch his videos below and get inspired by Sam’s story and success.