Campus Speakers

Throughout Beyond Disabilities week, we invited students, faculty, and even our president to speak. We wanted the campus to experience speakers from all different walks of life. We had parents, siblings, and people who identified with having a disability speak about their experiences. On this page, we feature events that were hosted by our very own.

1. President Lindsay: “Sharing From My Heart: Reflections From a Father With A Special Child.”

2. Dr. James Trent: “A Season in Hell’s Palace: My Journey To Randall Deihl’s Painting, ‘The Belchertown State School'”

3. Dr. Ryan Plosker: “The Difference Makers: Impacting The Life Of A Child”

4. Brett Olson: “Strength in Weakness: Examining the Mess Under the Carpet”

5. Various Students: “My Story” hosted with ALANA


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