“My Story”

Title: My Story

Speakers: Many students and alumni of Gordon College

Purpose: Students shared 5-10 minute personal stories about disabilities. Students with disabilities, have siblings with disabilities, or work with those with disabilities shared their unique experiences. Stories ranged from becoming disabled after an accident in high school to handling disabilities in the workplace.

Video: Public video or photos not available at this time due to the intimate nature of the event.

 Public Stories: Some speakers did want their stories to be shared. 

1. Chrissy Bongirono: 

I am Christina Bongiorni, 27 years old and am a Gordon grad.  First, let me explain my story.  Being a teenager, I was very busy with school, extra-curricular activities and life.  When I was 16 years old, I was hit by a car when crossing in a crosswalk in front of my high school. I suffered from a traumatic brain injury and my life did a tailspin.  After being in a coma for two weeks, I woke up to a world of challenges.  Short term memory, walking and use of my left arm are difficulties I now deal with.
While my injury weakened me in many ways, it strengthened me one concrete area.  My faith in our Lord has grown stronger.  My survival is due of course to God’s mercy.  My continual recovery, even 11 years later, is ongoing because of God’s love for me.  His grace is why I have been saved and his grace is what keeps me going. Please see her story here: Chrissy Bongirono’s Powerpoint Story.

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