President Lindsay: Sharing From My Heart

Title: “An Evening with President Lindsay: Sharing From My Heart-Reflections from a Father with a Special Child”

Speakers: President Lindsay and moderator Vice President Dan Tymann

Purpose: President Lindsay shared his experiences of raising his daughter with disabilities. He described ways his daughter’s disability affected his understanding of leadership. This event was personal, touching, and intimate. It was the first time the campus heard his daughter’s story in depth. We all respected President Lindsay’s honesty and openness during this time.

Questions Posed:

  • What 3 words would you use to describe your daughter?
  • Describe a typical day with your daughter. Can you give some examples of your interactions with her?
  • What is the greatest joy about having a daughter who identifies as having a disability?
  • What have you learned about yourself through raising your daughter?
  • How has your daughter helped you understand your definition of leadership?
  • Do you do anything differently to express your love for Elizabeth?
  • How has your marriage been strengthened or challenged by raising your daughter?
  • How do you describe Elizabeth to others?
  • What do you hope for Elizabeth in life?
  • Other questions were taken from the audience through an i-pad connect app.

Video: Due to the intimate nature of the event, a public video will not be provided at this time.


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