Dr. Ryan Plosker: “The Difference Makers. Impacting the life of a child”

Title: “The Difference Makers. Impacting the life of a child”

Speaker: Dr. Ryan Plosker

Purpose: Dr. Ryan Plosker, Executive Director and Founder of New England Academy, discussed the growth of children with disabilities in America’s schools, the factors that impact disabilities, and the keys to helping children with disabilities find success.

Speaker Introduction by Emily Wilson: 

“Many of you may know Dr. Ryan Plosker as a professor who is dedicated, and passionate about what he does. But Dr. Plosker is not just a professor, he is a father to four wonderful kids, and also the founder and executive director of New England Academy. A school that is dedicated to helping children who have social and emotional disabilities. By creating a unique environment students can develop and learn the skills they need to succeed beyond their limitations.    
Among his many achievements Dr. Plosker has his Bachelor of Science and school Psychology degrees from Northeastern university. He also has his Doctor of Education degree from the University of Massachusetts. Through his work at the Boston children’s hospital and his role of psychologist within a public school setting Dr. Plosker has become a strong advocate for breaking the barriers between psychology and education. 
Dr. Plokser has, what I like to call, an awesome superpower. He is able to see beyond a person disability to challenge them and help them strive in ways that may seem impossible to others. Today he will be sharing about what he has learned, the experiences he has had, and the challenges he has encountered. so without further ado please give Dr. Plosker a warm welcome.​”
From the New England Academy website:
Beyond Disabilities week
**100% of their graduating seniors have been accepted into college

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