Dr. Amos Yong: “Beyond Dis/Abilities: Toward a Redemptive Kingdom Perspective”

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The team with Dr. Amos Yong

Dr. Amos Yong, provost of Regent college and author of several books emphasizing disabilities and theology, spoke at Gordon College’s chapel on Wednesday February 19, 2014.

Title:  “Beyond Dis/Abilities: Toward a Redemptive Kingdom Perspective”

Topics: Where disability comes from, a scriptural horizon for reconsidering disabilities, how “temporarily abled body people” should respond to disability, and lastly, what is God’s plan for those with impairments and disabilities.

Video: Coming Soon*

Inspired by his brother Mark, Dr. Yong shared a thought provoking lecture that led to many great discussions around campus.

**All ideas shared in this lecture reflect the views of Dr. Amos Yong. We recognize that people may share different views of understanding disabilities within a theological scope of Scripture.

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