“Social Etiquette: The How To’s”

Title: “Social Etiquette: The How To’s”

Speakers: Maddy Ullman, Emily Fink, Sarah Hall

Purpose: Current students share experiences of living with a disability on a college campus. Tips were given for how students could include others at school and in the community.

Take Aways: 

  • Be aware of where you sit in a classroom (Sarah’s friends would sit in the back; however, Sarah could never join since she could not travel over a step)
  • When in doubt, ask. If you see someone that needs help, do not be afraid to talk to the person if you are unsure what to do (opening the door, helping one with food in the cafeteria, putting on one’s coat, holding books, and/or pushing one’s wheelchair).
  • Take note of language you use to describe disabilities: person first language is acceptable for most. Avoid words such as handicapped, retarded, birth defect and disabled.

Video: Coming Soon*


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