“What Makes Us Human” Panel

Title: “What Makes Us Human”

Panel: An organic panel discussion that stemmed from the question: what makes us human. Speakers approached this question from a philosophical, theological, practical, and social perspective


Speakers (in order of seating left to right): Trevor Hinshaw, Leah Serao, Dr. Brian Glenney, Dan Harris, Cynthia Bauer, Dr. Dan Darko

Findings: We need to turn the question around. Instead of finding ways to include those with disabilities in our lived environments, we must look at ways our environments makes one dis*abled.

Additional Take Away: For people to walk away realizing that they need to love people who are different rather than wondering why or how they are different.


***Besides the discussions with Dr. Temple Grandin, this was my favorite event of the week since I walked away with new thoughts, and framing of how to view disabilities within my lived environment.

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