The Dancing Barista

Meet Starbuck’s newest employee: the dancing barista. If Starbucks wasn’t great enough, Sam makes the Starbucks experience even greater. Growing up, Sam was told he would never be employed because he moves as he works. Instead, his boss gave him a chance and now he is excelling as an employee.

Sam is truly one of my favorite internet stories and I love how Ellen highlighted him on her show. Please watch his videos below and get inspired by Sam’s story and success.



High hopes for people with autism in the workplace

“We need to see neurological diversity in much the same way as we’ve seen workplace diversity efforts in the past on the basis of race, gender and sexual orientation,” he said. “We’re now seeing a growing level of interest in this.” -Ari Ne’eman

Autism and Employment:

Traditionally, people with any type of “disability” has had trouble finding employment. A recent news article on Fox, however, shows times are changing.

German computer software giant SAP and U.S. home financing firm Freddie Mac are advertising jobs specifically for people on the spectrum. Believing that “innovation comes from the edges”, these companies actually initiated a recruitment movement to find people with autism to test their new software.

Luisa Delgado, one of SAP’s human resources board member, states that “only by employing people who think differently and spark innovation will SAP be prepared to handle the challenges of the 21st Century.”

How do you feel about the new movement? Do you think other companies will model the recruitment initiative of these two companies?

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