Pokemon Go: changing the lives of autistic children

Pokemon Go quickly became a worldwide hype. In a little less than a week, millions downloaded the app that had players walking around cities and towns. Being praised for getting people to get up and go, families started to thank the app for changing the lives of their autistic children.

One story I would like to highlight is a teenaged boy who experienced social anxiety. Feeling comfortable on his couch, the boy did not like to leave his house and was not motivated to interact with others. Pokemon Go became a motivator for him that encouraged him to go outside and catch Pokemon.

Watch the video below to hear this boy’s story. Sometimes, unexpected inventions can change the lives of those around us.

The Power Wheelchair

The Argonault Power Wheelchair is an amazing idea that can change the lives of those with disabilities. As technology constantly evolves the way we live and function, this power wheelchair can help make the lives of those with limited mobility more accessible. In particular, I love how this design showcases the independence of those using a wheelchair. For example, when the individual uses the wheelchair after laying down in his bed and then entering into his car. In my opinion, this is one of the coolest ideas I have come across in a while. I truly hope this becomes a reality one day.