Traveling is the best education

Traveling is the best education. This summer, I went with two friends to visit Munich Germany, Italy, and Madrid Spain. A few years before, I visited Mozambique and Israel. Some things I learned while abroad:

1. Each culture has its own idea of diet

Munich, Germany: While traveling, I noticed that Munich, Germany mainly served pretzels, sausage, and baked potatoes. Waiters did not get tipped and were not expected to provide quick service. Since we stayed in a hotel during our visit, we did have the option of a very typical American breakfast with some German specialties.

Italy: Italians tend to enjoy a very light breakfast such as nutella and bread, a croissant, and/or a cappuccino. Most Italians do not think it is healthy to go out with wet hair or to drink milk past noon. When I told some friends I met while traveling that I ate two eggs every morning, they could not believe it! Protein is not as highly valued as it is here in the states. Italians value very fresh ingredients with little preservatives.

Madrid, Spain: Spain is known for its tapas (open-faced sandwiches), churros and chocolate, and coffee with milk. Small plates are frequently ordered.

Israel: Hummus, cucumbers, and lots of veggies are a normal breakfast where we stayed in Jerusalem. I realized I did not take many pictures of the typical food in Israel, but took pictures of the foods I was surprised to find. Fun fact: Starbucks did not succeed in Israel. People there seem to value local sit-down places where they can chat with friends.

Mozambique: While I can not speak of their typical breakfast, lunches and dinners mostly contain of rice and beans, fish, and special types of stew.

2. Art connects a lot of European countries and explains historic events and beliefs 

***I am hesitant to post pictures of these famous paintings since they look so much nicer in person, but I think they are worth viewing even if it is through a camera lens.