Story Elements

When reading, students need to think about the different elements that make up a typical story. Here is a poster we use when we do a read aloud or read a story in a small group. Students can write right on the poster or write on post-it notes. This poster uses the images found in the reading and writing program, Framing Your Thoughts, which is created by Project Read. The graphic symbols remind students of the different elements found in a story.

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The c/k spelling rule

I learned a great spelling trick today about c/k rule. The rules is as follows: k takes and e while c takes the other three vowels: aou.

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To help students remember, point out that the k, which is made with a straight line, goes with the two vowels made with a straight line: i and e. As the document shows above, a triangle (a shape made with straight lines) surrounds  the three straight-made letters to reinforce this concept. When introducing the c rule, show students how c is made with a curved line. Allow students to trace their finger around the curve. Then show the three vowels: a, o, and u. Point out how these letters are all curved as well. Have students draw a circle around the three letters to reinforce that c, a curved letter, takes the other three curved letters: a, o, and u. Tricks like these are helpful for students who have trouble memorizing basic spelling rules and facts.