Story Elements

When reading, students need to think about the different elements that make up a typical story. Here is a poster we use when we do a read aloud or read a story in a small group. Students can write right on the poster or write on post-it notes. This poster uses the images found in the reading and writing program, Framing Your Thoughts, which is created by Project Read. The graphic symbols remind students of the different elements found in a story.

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A fisherman’s tale about life without education

 James Arruda Henry, a fisherman for most of his life, never learned to read or write. He decided he wanted to learn how to read at the age of 90. After many hours of tutoring and practice, he was encouraged to write a book about his life at the age of 96. This is an inspiring story of this man’s life.

Check out his new book “In a Fisherman’s Language” and watch the video below to hear this encouraging story.